Youth Ministry

Purpose of the Youth Ministry;

Paradise Church Youth Ministry equips young men and women to serve in the community of teens and young adults as called out ones advancing the kingdom of God among their peers. Youth ministers are discipled in the knowledge God and the love of God and his ways to become living epistles of Christ our Lord with the desire to see emerging generations find their identity in Christ while growing as faithful disciples.

1. Evangelism.
Spread the gospel of the kingdom of God in the youth community showing the way of salvation and living a responsible life of righteousness in union with Christ Jesus daily

2. Assignment.
Help youth find their God ordained assignment and walk in it realizing the blessing attached to the assignment and blessing people in their community.

3. Church Activity.
Help the youth build a heart of caring, participation and work ethic by encouraging them to volunteer in giving time, resources and skills to deliver on church programs.

4. Mentorship.
Mentoring the youth into becoming righteous leaders on their assignments preparing them for future appointments at all levels of leadership in the community though teachings, counseling and leadership development initiatives.

5. Prayer.
Teach the youth how to become victorious daily through prayer by the word of God.

Contact Info

PCIM Office,
346 West 400 North # 7,
Provo, Utah, 84601, USA
Tel: +1(801) 420-8442