Divorced Persons Restoration Class
Many Marriages are suffering shipwreck and dissolution because of human inclination to natural desires. The absence of personal knowledge and understanding of marriage fundamentals has created casualties in the marriage institution. Many have experienced violent storms in their marriages resulting in emotional pain, broken hearts and families. The Divorced Persons Restoration class delivers practical ways of building personal marriage winning qualities, establishing successful marriages, conquering huddles in a marriage, overcoming emotional turmoil and bridging broken relationships after divorce. 

Problem-centered Curriculum
Course Modules:
101 Marriage Fundamentals
102 Moral Excellence
103 Submission
104 The Soul Life
105 Huddles in Marriage
106 Dissolution of Marriage
107 Bridging Broken Relationships
108 Restoration of Marriage
109 Blissful Union
Course Fee Structure 
Entire Course: $990 (Individual)
One module: $170

Course Duration
Entire course: 5 weeks
One module: 2 week

Onsite Attendance Per Session 
Maximum: 20 People
Minimum: 1 person

Online Attendance

Certificate of Completion
Free copy of "Overcoming Emotional Pain in a Divorce Crisis"; a new book by Esther Sekiziyivu. 
1. Pastor Esther Sekiziyivu
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2. Pastor Julius Bankole
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Contact Details:
Email: info@paradisechurches.org
Phone: 801.420.8442